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(27/12/2012 21:10:03)
Je suis extrêmement déçue, il semblerait que la sataniste Michèle, dite Mimie, Mathy ne soit pas encore allée au Diable, quelqu'un en sait-il plus ?
(25/12/2012 19:50:46)
So ist das nunmal, everyone has to go one day or other. Very interesting website and you see that talking about death is still a taboo today.
(11/12/2012 18:57:23)
J'attends avec impatience le décès de bien des gens, serait-ce possible d'en faire le demande ici, serait-ce susceptible d'accélérer quelque peu le processus de décomposition ?
(11/12/2012 14:47:08)
Chère administration du site,
Est-ce que vous vous rendez bien compte quelle histoire scandaleuse vous fabriquez-là en prédisant le décès d`une plus grande chanteuse française Mireille Mathieu ?
Ce serait bien si vous vérifiez l`information avant de la mettre sur le site pour éviter des problèmes que cette désinformation peut vous créer.
Soyez aimables et bien conscients de tout vérifier avant de publier des conneries pareilles.
(11/12/2012 14:46:09)
Hi, France, are you really crazy? Mireille is alive, don`t be in a hurry to bury her!:)))
(11/12/2012 14:37:25)
Ja, Mireille ist gesund und munte, Gott sei Dank! Was für Dummheiten reden Sie hier, Necropedia???
(11/12/2012 14:34:29)
C`est quoi ces histoires du décès de Mireille Mathieu? Heureusement, elle est en pleine forme. Vous essayez de prédire sa mort depuis le 10 novembre ? Faites attention si vous n`êtes pas le Dieu tout puissant. J`espère bien que les proches de MM porteront plainte contre cette terrible désinformation.
(11/12/2012 14:26:24)
Why are you still writing about Mireille Mathieu`s death?! She is alive, alive, don`t you know? Who wants she to die so much? Was written here, she died 10, 11 & 12 December. Three times a week, are you crazy?
(06/12/2012 04:07:04)
R.I.P. Dave Brubeck...
Rick Potvin
(14/11/2012 04:03:42)
Rick Potvin has passed away... sort of. As he was losing awareness, he drove himself to the Alcor Cryonics Foundation building in Scottdale. He was able to ring the doorbell at the front door of Alcor. The resident cryomortician Mike answered. Rick handed him a life insurance policy proof for $50,000 as Rick uttered his last words... "Freeeeeeze meeeeee", and fell forward into Mike. Mike and Alcor crew proceeded to maintain Rick's life support functions while they prepared him for Alcor's Discount Cooldown for Pre-Arranged Last Minute members. Within a few hours, the frontal lobes and pineal gland of Rick's brain were stored safely in LN2 for the trip to the far fugure. Rick had requested the cryonics crew play Isao Tomita's music while doing the cooldown. Here it is
(08/11/2012 21:48:08)
Why are you writing this if nobody died?
Why kurwa why?
(08/11/2012 07:25:28)
This website is appalling.
Total lack of respect for the living.
(28/10/2012 10:14:02)
Whoever edits and publihses these articles really knows what they're doing.
(27/10/2012 23:27:22)
Ce site n'est pas à jour. Par exemple, Sylvia Kristel n'a pas sa place sur ce site ;-)
(01/10/2012 05:55:10)
Hi Necropedia's team, what an awesome website you've got.
(21/09/2012 20:58:53)
That's what we call black humor. It's a literary genre, yet not as accessible as nudity or sex.
Nice job guys.
(20/09/2012 16:01:04)
This is disgusting and should be removed.
(11/09/2012 04:56:56)
@Internaut, same for me. It reminds us that no one is eternal, and that we need to treasure the loved one while they are still around.
(11/09/2012 00:52:34)
Personally I found this site very interesting. It's pretty funny to observe my own emotional changes when reading the anticipated obituaries.
(04/09/2012 12:40:13)
Le site Nécropédia est inutile, mais l'idée est fichtrement bien trouvée. Chapeau.
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